DJ Khaled Throws Asahd the Biggest Party at LIV Miami

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Turning one is a... well, you know

DJ Khaled is making sure that his son has the biggest, most luxurious life imaginable. The producer and hitmaker has found plenty of ways to make sure that his young son is set for life, most notably by making him an executive producer on Khaled’s latest album Grateful. The rockstar/infant life extends to Asahd’s birthday celebration.

On Asahd’s 1st birthday, Khaled rented out Miami’s famed LIV nightclub — in the daytime, of course, because even rich babies need their sleep — and threw a huge jungle-themed bash for his firstborn. According to TMZ, the whole shindig cost Khaled six figures and included a performance from Diddy, proving that no one loves their kid as much as DJ Khaled loves Asahd.

Honestly, if you’re getting someone as vivacious as the Bad Boy head himself for your first birthday, where do you go from there? Who plays your Sweet 16? Tupac’s actual ghost?

No matter, the photos of the event seem to show Asahd and his proud papa having a great time.

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Credit: Jesse Grant/Getty Images