DJ Mustard Detained at LAX After TSA Finds Gun in Bag

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DJ Mustard and a friend were detained at LAX after a TSA official found a gun in one of their bags.

According to TMZ the superproducer and his friend were attempting to board a plane at the Los Angeles airport and were stopped after a loaded .22 handgun was found in his friend’s carry-on.

The gossip website goes on to say that the pair were questioned separately, with Mustard being released and his friend getting arrested. Authorities were able to link the bag to the unidentified friend of Mustard’s using security footage.

A paparazzo for the website approached Mustard following his release and got some understandably testy answers. When he asked about the gun, Mustard laid out the situation for him.

“Did you see me bring a gun in? Am I arrested? Am I in handcuffs?” he said.

When the pap insisted, Mustard became even more insistent.

“I’m not in handcuffs. I didn’t bring no gun through here,” he said.

He also remained mum on the status of his friend and whether or not he had a gun.

“I don’t know. I don’t know what they have,” he said.

When the questioner followed him to the car, Mustard said that he’d pay his friend’s bail if it came to that before jetting away from the airport in an SUV.

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Source: Instagram @DJMustard