Where Them Dollars At: DJ Mustard Throws Stacks of Money to People While Driving His Convertible

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DJ Mustard spread the wealth

It’s the season of giving and DJ Mustard is about that life.

The famous producer did well for himself when his ubiquitous sparse and funky sonic template was everywhere just a few years ago. Mustardwave has made this man a lot of money and he’d like to spread it around a bit. So that’s exactly what he did in a new video posted to Instagram.

In the clip, Mustard can be seen driving past a club with a big stack of money in his lap. As they pass the club, he tosses the money into the air out of his convertible.

“Hey, hey, we doing a charity drive!” he jokes as he continues to toss the money around.

dj mustard

Source: Instagram @djmustard