DJ Whoo Kid Claims Drake Got Excited Watching Him Receive a BJ

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Is it true?

There are some stories that contain so much “pause,” it’s unlikely you’ll ever get to the whole story. DJ Whoo Kid recently said that Drake got aroused while watching him get head from a woman behind the DJ booth.

Why was Drake watching? Why was DJ Whoo Kid receiving oral in Drake’s vicinity? Why was Whoo Kid checking Drake’s pants while all this was going on? Like we said… pauses all around.

The conversation began with a classy convo about whether or not the show’s hosts enjoyed ejaculating on people’s faces. While Whoo Kid said he thought that was disgusting, it didn’t stop him from going long (pause) on a story about Drake watching him get head.

“I was DJing at a club one time. I was DJing but Drake was in the VIP section. This chick was giving me head and Drake was like trying to see,” he said. “He was breaking his neck trying to see.”

“He looked like he was getting turned on. I don’t know if it was because I was getting head,” he said. “Views from the DJ booth. I don’t know if this guy’s fruity.”

Whoo Kid later clarified that the last part of the story was a joke, but he didn’t fully rescind the idea that Drake was watching him get head.

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