DMX Lookin’ Thicker Than a Snicker Straight Outta Rehab

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Is he looking better or worse than his skinny self?

DMX has been dealing with so much legal drama over the past years that he hasn’t been able to do anything other than show up to court and plead his case. Since the late 90s, the former Ruff Ryder has been in and out of not only court but jail as well for a variety of charges, including resisting arrest, reckless driving, animal cruelty, failure to pay child support, and drug possession.

Oh… There was that weird night in 2004 when he told some people he was a federal agent at the JFK Airport and tried to take their car too. He was even taken in one day in 2013 for driving without his driver’s license!

While those charges were all serious, this latest rap has been threatening to put him behind bars for over 40 years. X is already 46 years old, so a 40 year sentence in prison would not be good. It’s possible he would never get out of prison.

While that’s a very scary thought for him, DMX is looking better than he has in quite a while, thanks to sobering up. Let’s hope he can maintain this positive attitude.

Rapper Earl Simmons, AKA DMX, Booking Photo

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