Woman Exposes DJ Envy with Snapchat Messages of Him Wanting Her to Strap Him

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But are they real?

Much like his bedroom, what goes down in a man’s DMs is nobody’s business but his own. That goes out the window if you’re a known name though. Unfortunately, it seems like DJ Envy learned this the hard way (and we do mean hard).

Someone posted a conversation that seemed to out him as both a cheater and a man who likes to be pegged. The radio host addressed the salacious snaps on The Breakfast Club, saying that they’re entirely fabricated. Still, his fellow hosts weren’t willing to let him go without a little bit of razzing.

“Let’s find out who’s being cyberbullied,” said Envy. “I would prefer you to say digitally penetrated,” said Charlamagne.

Angela Yee stuck up for Envy a little bit. “Envy did tell me somebody had been harassing him and hitting up all these blogs,” said Yee. “[The Snap Chat] doesn’t say Sir Envy one.”

DJ Envy wasn’t having not one inch of it. “I’m not gonna entertain this bull crap that you’re spitting out Angela Yee, anybody can make anything appear,” said Envy. “I don’t like any of it! There’s nothing going in my butt. This is stupid.”

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