Do You Want Fries With That? Wild Brawl Between Over a Dozen Women Breaks Out at McDonalds

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It was a super-sized scuffle

Berrien Township in Michigan has a total population of just over 5,000 people… and a significant chunk of them turned out for a bit of bonding recently. Given the season, you might expect a Christmas Parade down the town’s main drag. Given the size of the town, you might expect some sort of 4H project. You’d be wrong.

What brought out Berrien was a brawl in a local McDonald’s. At least 10 women got into a massive fight in the middle of a local fast food chain. Hair was pulled, countless punches were thrown and we’re willing to be more than a few people lost their appetite for quarter pounders.

There’s no telling what kicked off the mega-fight in the middle of Mickey D’s. The fight video starts in media res, with punches, curses, and inhibitions already being tossed. The video starts with the largest chunk of women already involved in a scrum.

Customers either dodge to get out of the way or jostle for a better view as the group eventually breaks off into two separate fights, one over by the soda machine and the entrance and another deeper into the store.

This Michigan McDonald’s is conspicuously large and mostly empty throughout this part of the store. “Perfect place for a massive brawl between almost a school-bus-full of people,” you might think to yourself if you saw it on a calmer day, considering the large runways that allow women to get up a head of steam and completely whiff on a few haymakers. And you would be right.

Surprisingly, given the size of the fight and the number of customers it disturbed, very little information is available about the scuffle. No arrests have been reported and neither have any injuries.

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Source: YouTube @News Live