Drake Brings Cardi B Out During Show… Gives Her Encouraging Words Backstage

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Drake continues to harvest secondhand shine.

Drake is a master of associating himself with whoever’s next. Cardi B is the hottest rapper currently running, with no qualifications. So it was only a matter of time before the Great White North’s most-famed schemer found a way to associate himself with Cardi and her rising star. He brought out the “Lick” rapper to perform her undeniable summer smash “Bodak Yellow” at OVO Fest and gamely danced around to the hit before using the opportunity to take a break.

Later, shots of the rapper show him being just as into the stomping HBIC anthem as everyone who has ever heard it, continuing to dance in the background as Cardi showed the massive crowd that she deserved to be on the stage, much in the same way that she did at the BET Awards.

Cardi B

Source: Instagram @CardiB

She killed it!