Drake’s Best Celebrity Tattoos

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Drake's love is permanent

Drake is a lot of things. He’s the standard bearer for a generation that saw the lines between hip-hop, R&B and pop blur to near non-existence. He’s a shrewd tycoon who managed to turn himself into one of the most powerful brands on the planet. He’s a genuinely great artist and cultural omnivore.

But of all the things that Drizzy might be, few things define him more than this one noun of his personality: Drake is a fan.

He has become great at taking the sounds of distinct musical sub-cultures that he loves and adapting them to fit an American audience. In a world where gatekeepers are largely gone, the Toronto rapper’s co-sign still carries a huge amount of weight.

We can argue back and forth about whether or not Migos overwhelming charisma and hustle would have rocketed them to the top of the rap world, but Drake jumping on the “Versace” remix certainly sped the process up.

The Six God loves to big up the things he likes, whether that’s via a mutually beneficial remix, a social media shoutout or, in certain rare cases, an image permanently etched onto his body.

Drake is the king of doing the most and that applies to his own fanboying. So over the years he’s amassed a huge collection of artist-affiliated tattoos to show his love for the acts he really, truly cares about.

Click through for a few of them.

Drake performs onstage showing tattoos

Credit: Ross Gilmore/Getty Images