Draya Michele Gets Dragged for Complaining About Her Son’s Homework

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Bad Mom

Talking about parenting can be… touchy. While it’s no secret that raising a child is hard, which parenting woes a parent chooses to complain about can tell a lot about them. It can also earn them a lot of backlash.

Former Basketball Wives LA star Draya Michele is learning this lesson… the social media way. The model and media personality got a schooling in ‘how to be a decent parent’ by Twitter and Instagram users after she vented about her son’s homework assignments in a lengthy Instagram post.

“Let’s discuss this,” the star began the long caption, alongside screen-capped text messages between her and her son. She went on to explain that her oldest son Kniko has to memorize a speech about “how American history isn’t present as much in college education.” Before calling the topic a “snooze,” the mom-of-two said, “His teacher is requiring me to sign papers everyday saying he’s read the speech 5x out loud and stuff.”

Draya then recalled having to sign off on the assignment 18 times over the Thanksgiving break. “I’m all for helping my child with his homework, but at this point, she has him harassing me with this speech,” she wrote. “I don’t wanna hear it no more.”

After “hearing it 2x a day for a month straight,” the star decided enough was enough. She refused to sign off on the assignment, sending Kniko to school empty handed. “Mom are you for real I didn’t get a note card now I’m not getting those points,” Kniko texted Draya, as shown in the now-deleted IG post.

“It’s not my damn homework. But it feels like it,” Draya ended the post. “What y’all think?”

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Source: Instagram @sodraya