Dude Gets KOed In Front Of His GF And Is Shamed For LIFE

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Oh, no.

Quick knockouts make for terrible boxing matches. The only reason we remember Joe Louis’ immediate beatdown of Max Schleming is the specter of Nazi Germany and the complicated racial dynamics that existed back home for Louis. But in a street fight, things are a little different.

Unlike pay-per-view title fights, where millions of people expect to get their money’s worth (or at least have time to eat some of the food they ordered), neighborhood brawls are better if they end quickly. A sudden KO is the sort of thing that will be talked about forever — among the friends of the victor and the beslumped. For different reasons, of course.

And so, everyone got a story when these two dudes went at it in what appears to be Los Angeles’ Nickerson Gardens. The fight ended quickly but that was just the beginning.

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Source: WSHH

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