“Let her hair go!”: Suburbs Turn Into All Out Lady Brawl With Tough Guy As the Ref

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This guy just wants to see a fair street fight.

Some people just want to see a fair street fight. Is that too much to ask? Luckily for fans of fair play, we have this shirtless ref who helped keep a suburban brawl in check. Whenever the two fighters fall, lock up, or pull each other’s hair, he swoops in to separate them.

Beyond reffing, he might even have a future as a promoter. After the woman in the white top absolutely demolishes her first opponent, he seems to set up another fight with someone who is nearby. She makes quick work of her as well, until they start pulling each other’s hair, which causes our hero to come flying in yet again to separate them.

Let’s all take a second to talk about this remarkably structured brawl.

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Source: Bitch Your Famous