‘Black Ink Crew’ Exposed: Dutchess Reveals Fake Storylines, Shows Receipts to Expose Caesar (Video)

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Dutchess is spilling

Dutchess has been crowing about VH1’s Black Ink Crew being more fantasy than reality for a hot minute now. First, she shared how the producers of the show were behind an inflammatory interview on her Instagram, and now she’s gone on The Breakfast Club to reiterate her claims. The reality stare is sharing receipts that tell on both the production company and Black Ink head honcho/Dutchess’ ex Ceaser.

Her statements to Charlamagne, Angela Yee, and DJ Envy back up the idea that the brutal interview with her rival Sky’s son inside of her tattoo shop — an incredible slight if it had been planned by Dutchess — was actually a move dreamed up by the producers.


Source: Instagram @dutchessofink