The ‘Ed Lover With Monie Love’ Morning Show Has Been Cancelled

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The two-year experiment is over

The Ed Lover Show With Monie Love morning show will end its run after two years. The syndicated radio show hosted by the famed face of Yo! MTV Raps is packing it up, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The program was syndicated across several Radio One stations, but failed to find a solid audience. At the time of the announcement, the show had been pulled from all but three stations. The last show will come this month. While Ed Lover’s weekend show will carry on, the morning show with Monie is toast.

The announcement ends a weird saga wherein Radio One tried to push Ed Lover and their Atlanta old-school hip-hop station on the city of Atlanta. Unfortunately, neither the station nor Lover appeared to be much of a draw. AJC speculates that Boom 102.9, the home station of Lover, will transition out of the old-school hip-hop genre that exploded over the last several years into an old-school R&B station.

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