Fabolous Punched Out Baby Mom’s Front Teeth, Threatened to Murder Her and Family

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After the cops were called to Fabolous and former Love & Hip Hop star Emily B’s home Wednesday night (March 28), Fab was arrested for an alleged domestic violence dispute. The rapper was hauled off to the big house, with his lawyer Alberto Ebanks in tow, where he was booked for two felonies: aggravated assault and making a terrorist-like threat.

The “Can’t Let You Go” rapper, who reportedly surrendered to police willingly, was cited for the alleged altercation and given a notice for a court appearance, rather than being sent to jail. Afterwards, Ebanks spoke to certain media outlets on behalf of the Brooklyn-born artist. He told Billboard, “I’ve known Fab close to 20 years and believe he is incapable of engaging in the alleged conduct.”

According to recently released court documents, Ebanks’ belief was wrong. Fabolous reportedly punched Emily, who has dated Fab on-and-off for the past 15 years, in the face seven times.