‘Family Guy’ Spoofs Solange and Jay-Z Elevator Incident

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Jay-Z, the gag is on you.

May 12, 2014 was one memorable night. After leaving the Met Gala after party, BeyoncĂ©, her husband, Jay-Z, and younger sister, Solange, all entered the elevator of The Standard High Line hotel. Once the doors closed, all hell broke loose. Solange, out of the blue, attacked her brother-in-law with punches, kicks, slaps and claws. She was so ferocious that BeyoncĂ©’s security guard, Julius, tried his damnedest to restrain her while Bey nonchalantly watched from the corner.

The Knowles-Carter family is known for keeping their private lives under wraps, but there was no way this incident would be kept a secret. TMZ released footage from the security cameras that was leaked by an employee who has since been fired. It’s been two years since the incident and yet it still comes up in conversation. Family Guy is known to make fun of celebrities and huge pop culture moments. On Sunday night’s episode, the victim was Jay-Z. Peter Griffin hilariously recalls the night of the incident. Only this time, he was in the elevator during the madness.

Family Guy Spoofs Solange and Jay-Z Elevator incident

Source: YouTube/Dan Dogg

He's on the security footage and all!