Fan Murdered Outside Yo Gotti Concert

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Tragedy in KC

On Friday, May 11, a Yo Gotti concert in Kansas City, Missouri had a tragic ending that left one person dead by the end of the night. Yo Gotti was performing a set at the Uptown Theater on Friday when shots were fired at around 11:30 p.m. in a nearby parking lot. Around that time, police received a call informing them that someone had been shot. Police and paramedics arrived on the scene shortly after, only to pronounce the victim dead.

Witnesses claim that a fight had broken out, and in the middle of the fight, someone pulled out a fired a gun. In a Fox4KC report, it is reported that police say the fight had started in the concert and spilled into the parking lot. It remains unclear if all the people who were involved in the fight had attended the concert, but there exists a strong possibility that the two events are related in some way. Although reports claim that only one person died that night, Dwayne Bowe says that two lives were lost.