Fans Blast Lil Wayne for Photo of Him Smoking a Blunt in Front of His Kids

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Reginae can't catch a break

Lil Wayne is catching an earful after fans saw a photo of him smoking in front of his children. Reginae Carter posted a cute photo of herself, her father, and her two siblings with a birthday cake on her Instagram late last month.

“Sooo… Me & Neal celebrated our birthday early with the fam 😊 Mine is the 29th , His is the 30th,” she wrote.

However, fans weren’t interested in the family coming together or the purse-topped cake. They just needed to jump on Weezy for holding a blunt in the photo.

“Daddy Wayne… I might need glasses, but what is that I see in your hand?” asked Instagram user @fashionstashin. “Smh he stay with a blunt in his hand,” noted @remini_hardcorial.

“Too bad lil kids don’t have a voice while being subjected to drugs,” wrote @myluvgkmk1706.

Others came offering advice. “Gotta respect the kids & put it out 1st but hey aint my kids,” wrote @thewinningking.

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Credit: Merrick Ales/Getty Images