Cardi B Says She’s Going Blind Because “It’s Been 13 Days Without No D**k”

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In honor of always saying what’s on her mind, Cardi B shared a… pressing issue going on in her life. The ever-relatable rapper hit Twitter to share exactly how much she misses her fiancé Offset. Cardi tweeted, “It’s been 13 days with out NO D–K !I’m losing eyesight on my left.”

Since the tweet was posted yesterday (Dec. 5), fans far and wide have cosigned her struggle, retweeting the post over 40 thousand times. Meanwhile, the tweet was favorited over 200 thousand times.

Intimacy is a basic but important part of being in a relationship. However, being in love with a jet-setting celebrity can leave a couple missing out on the basics sometimes.

According to Offset’s Instagram page, he’s been busy working. Within the past week, the Migos member has posted two pictures of himself on stage, surely performing alongside Quavo and Takeoff. He also posted about a recent photoshoot he did. “B I L L I E J E A N,” the “Too Hotty” rapper captioned the picture, most likely referencing the Micheal Jackson-esque jacket shown in the post.

The couple did see each other shortly after Cardi’s tweet. Unfortunately… When Offset did make some time for his superstar fiancée, it didn’t go how she thought it would.

At about two this morning, Cardi updated her fans on her struggle, tweeting, “Finally i get to see my man and my stomach and head hurts.” “Goodnight,” she concluded, alongside two frustrated-faced emojis.

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Source: Instagram @offsetyrn