Fat Trel Comes Clean About His Sobriety and More

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Fat Trel is on a track toward world domination

As you might know if you follow the rapper on Instagram, Fat Trel was recently released from prison. The D.C. rapper and Maybach Music Group affiliate talked with XXL about his time in prison and what he hopes to do moving forward.

First off, Trel explained what he did to keep busy behind bars. Turns out getting locked up and reading books to pass the time isn’t just a 50 Cent lyric.

“Well, you know, I purchased a lot of books, I read a lot of books,” he said. “Some of ’em were John Grisham books. He wrote the books to the movies A Time to Kill, Pelican Brief with Denzel Washington. I read a lot of his books. I read a lot of autobiography books: The Autobiography Scarface, The Autobiography of Mike Tyson, The Autobiography of Malcolm X. And of course urban books, street books. A lot of D.C. artists, they got books and, you know, sh*t like that.”

Now that he’s a free man, he’s finished reading and busy writing. Trel told the magazine that he’s putting in the work to become more than just big in D.C.

“I wanna take over the charts,” he said. “I wanna do those festivals you see A$AP Rocky’s, and the Chance The Rapper’s, and the Machine Gun Kelly’s do. I wanna do those big shows, you know what I’m saying, I just wanna be great.”

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Source: Instagram @fat_gleesh