FBI Begins Investigation Into Meek Mill’s Judge After #Rally4Meek Took Place

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Standing for Something

#Rally4Meek may have been trending on Twitter and Instagram, but videos and pictures from the actual event showed that it was much more than a hashtag. All of the vocal outrage surrounding Meek Mill’s prison sentence came to a head as hundreds of supporters gathered together to stand up for the Philadelphia native. NBA legend Julius Erving, music icon Rick Ross, and Philadelphia Eagles’ Malcolm Jenkins, who posted about the event on Twitter beforehand, showed up to the protest to show their support.

Prologued by the event’s flyer, the theme for the night was the reoccurring injustice against African American men and women. “Our criminal justice system has failed Meek Mill and millions of others like him,” the poster for the event read. “We stand for justice.”

meek mill in black hoodie leaning against a wall

Source: Instagram @meekmill