Fetty Wap’s Second BM Confirms She’s Preggo with His FIFTH Child

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He's not called Fetty Wrap...

Young Thug might have been the one that claimed to “need all this cash” because he has “hella kids,” but Fetty Wap is living that truth. Rumors are swirling that Fetty might have child number five on the way.

According to BET Lezhae Zeona told her followers on Instagram that she’s expecting a baby with Fetty Wap. She also added that their first child together was intentional.

“If you ask him, ‘Was his son with Lezhae planned?’ He’s gonna say ‘yes,'” she said. “You ask him, ‘Were you and Lezhae having sex on ovulation days to get pregnant?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Was Lezhae supposed to move in your house with you and [inaudible]?’ ‘Yes.'”

Fetty currently has three children, one each with Zeona, Ariel Reese, and Love & Hip-Hop star Masika Kalysha. He’s expecting his fourth in the near future from another LHH cast member named Alexis Skyy.

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Source: Instagram @fettywap1738