Emily B Married Fabolous? Former ‘LHH’ Star Shared News Accidentally

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It looks like Emily B from Love & Hip Hop might have revealed that her and Fabolous are married.

It wouldn’t exactly be shocking for the pair to make things official. They have been dating for 15 years and have two children together. Still, in the ever-connected and overshared world of the modern celebrity, any wedding kept secret is worth admiring.

What’s the source of the latest gossip about the former reality star and her New York rap royal hubby? An angry rant against AirBnB. Emily posted a screenshot of her interaction with the short-term rental company’s customer service department.

Apparently, Emily has been booted from the platform for violating their Terms of Service, but the rep doesn’t say why. She posted a copy of the notice that she’d been forced out onto Instagram in the hopes of pressuring the company to reinstate her account.

“Dear @airbnb .. I’ve only used your service twice and had excellent reviews (swipe left) I had no issues. Why is it that no one could tell me why my account is deactivated? To read “this decision will not be reversed” is very upsetting especially since I had a good experience using #airbnb”

However, it wasn’t long before fans zeroed in on something else. Though she blurred out her name at the top of the email, it pretty clearly says Emily Bustamonte Jackson. Jackson just so happens to be Fabolous’ last name.

If the pair did manage to get married and keep the whole thing hush-hush, congratulations on both accounts!

Fabolous & Emily B

Credit: Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images