Former ‘LHHH’ Couple Reunites, Expecting Another Baby!

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You can't keep a good couple down!

Behind every successful man is a strong women holding him together. Willie Taylor’s wife Shanda Denyce proved this when she started stripping to pitch in with the bills. Ignoring the antiquated gender roles that say the husband is supposed to provide, Shanda put it all out there to help her family maintain the lifestyle they’d grown accustomed to when they needed it.

Of course, when her actions came to light, Shanda was called everything but helpful. Forgiveness is a big part of marriage, though, so she and Willie moved past it.

In season three of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, Mona Scott had fans shook after she invited Willie’s mistress onto the show. After the “Day 26” singer confessed to cheating on his wife of almost a decade throughout the marriage, Shanda packed up herself and her kids and left the “Thought I Knew Myself” singer behind.

After Willie’s cheating scandal and Shanda’s stripping scandal, everyone knew (or thought they knew) that this former Love & Hip Hop couple was done for good. However, some people are just meant to be.

“We went to counseling,” Shanda said after Willie’s cheating came to light. “We went to a session. It didn’t go well. We separated for a little bit. I feel like if you want this, fight for it.”

“This ain’t new. We’ve both [messed] up in different areas. The difference now is I have to talk about it,” she continued. “I don’t wanna continue to talk about this. I’m over it. I would have never sat down at a table with no [woman] at all. I’m a wife. I’m married. You’re a tramp,” Shanda said, referencing the women Willie had been sneaking around with since 2004.

Proving that you can’t keep a good couple down, the R&B singer and his wife are not only back together but they are expecting a baby as well.

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