Fox Calls Bow Wow A B**** on TV And Wants Him Arrested

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Greg Gutfeld Lays Into the Rapper

Last week after Snoop Dogg released his new music video “Lavender” Donald Trump was not happy about the way he was characterized in the controversial video. He was so upset that Trump actually took time out of his busy schedule as President of the United States to call out Snoop directly, “failing career and all”, and suggests that he would have been arrested under the Obama administration (maybe if the 1st amendment didn’t exist?). This was a watershed moment in history, as it was the first time in American history that the President was involved in a Twitter “beef war” with a rapper.

Of course the practically-irrelevant Bow Wow decided to jump in the mix and defend his mentor on Twitter with some “questionable” phrasing that ended up being just as embarrassing as having a president that feuds with rappers who don’t like him.

Now Fox News host Greg Gutfeld is on TV calling Bow Wow a “lil’ b****” and saying he has a “small shaft” and I wish I was making all of this up…

Credit: Rick Diamond/Getty Images; Fox News/The Five

Credit: Rick Diamond/Getty Images; Fox News/The Five

I didn't know you could even say "B***h" on Fox News?