Fredo Santana in the Hospital with Liver and Kidney Failure

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XXXTentacion paid him a visit

Fredo Santana is in the hospital after his liver and kidneys failed, according to a post by the rapper on his Instagram. In the short clip, taken from Fredo’s perspective in the hospital bed, we can see the room he’s staying in as well as XXXTentacion visiting him.

“Been in here since Friday. Doctor say a n*gga had kidney failure and liver failure I’m getting back to normal,” he wrote in the caption. “Sorry to all my fans. Turbo Bandana will not be dropping tomorrow due to my health issues. Thanks for everyone who prayed for a n*gga. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.”

Bandana was meant to be his latest mixtape, a collaborative effort with his cousin and fellow drill rapper Chief Keef. However, his hospitalization has led to that project being delayed while he recuperates.

Many in the comments were quick to blame Fredo’s hospitalization on heavy drug use, particularly lean or prescription-strength cough syrup. Regular abuse of codeine cough syrup can wreak havoc on the kidney and liver, exacerbate epilepsy, cause seizures, or cause death if the active drug depresses the central nervous system.

The drug has caused several notable deaths in the hip-hop community, particularly in the areas around Houston, Texas where it was first popularized. DJ Screw — who made his name by slowing down rap songs in a way that’s said to mimic the effects of the drug — died of an overdose from cough syrup in 2000. The rapper Pimp C died seven years later in similar circumstances.

Fredo Santana

Source: Instagram @fredosantanassr