Future and Rock Finally Settle Their Lawsuit… Future Gotta Cough Up Racks on Racks on Racks

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Big Bucks!

Everything was all cool between Future and his producer/friend Rocko… until the “Squares Out Your Circle” rapper found out Future had made a side deal with Epic Records. While details on the deal are still scarce, the side-piece reportedly cut Rocko out of millions.

For the betrayal, Rocko took Future to court, seeking $10 million. Shortly afterwards, Future and his legal team came back with a countersuit, claiming that the contract didn’t make the duo exclusive.

After an 18-month legal battle, the case has finally come to a close. While specifics are vague, TMZ says Rocko’s lawyers were content with the “very successful result.” The gossip site’s sources claim the payout is seven figures but wouldn’t give an exact number.

future and producer rocko performing on stage together

Credit: Rick Diamond/Getty Images