Did Future Slap Desiigner With Copyright Infringement For “Panda”?

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Legal Trouble for One of 2016's Hottest Songs

If you missed Desiigner’s 2016 breakout hit “Panda,” you may have been living underneath some sort of noise-cancelling boulder. After being brought to the attention of Kanye West and his people at GOOD Music, the single was virtually unavoidable. By April of last year, it was sitting pretty at number one atop the Billboard Hot 100, making Desiigner the youngest artist since Lorde to hold a top 10 spot for more than nine weeks.

The song was written by Desiigner and Menace, a producer who was virtually unheard of prior to “Panda.” Now over a year since the song became a hit, Menace is claiming that Future and legendary hip hop producer Mike Dean, have put infringement claims on the track. Menace says that Future’s people think it sounds too much like his song “F**k Up Some Commas,” and Mike Dean is seeking compensation for tinkering with the production.

Are Future and Mike Dean, two industry titans, trying to take advantage of this upandcoming producer? Or perhaps Menace is simply getting a firsthand look at how ruthless the hip hop business can be…

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