Ruthless AF: Chicago Gang Members Who Shot Rapper Capo Dress Up as Him for Halloween

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Is this too much?

Every Halloween brings its own spate of questionable costumes. Somebody somehow missed the half-century old memo that wearing blackface is not ok. Someone else went as some hacky political joke that garnered more knowing nods than actual laughs. Tthe guy who still quotes Borat (and does it at a volume just over “acceptable”) is going to show up in a costume that relates to a kinky act or the size of his genitals. Tide comes in, tide goes out.

Even among the highest echelons of over-the-line Halloween costumes, though, this one from Chicago teens is outrageous. These gang members dressed as a Chicago rapper they famously murdered and acted out the horrific video footage that was captured of him dying on the sidewalk in broad daylight.


Source: YouTube @iMakeMoviezTimP