“I’m not going nowhere!” Vegas Hookers Brawl Over Their Territory and It’s Pure Gold

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The commentary is beautiful.

Staking out a corner for yourself is serious business, if this video can be believed. A full-on brawl between three ladies of the night erupted in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip after one woman accused the other of encroaching on her territory.

The whole clip was captured by an enthusiastic videographer, who offered a play-by-play and words of encouragement as the fight went on. The video opens with two men in a car watching a shouting match across a major thoroughfare in Las Vegas. They speculate whether or not the women will throw down in the road.

“Come on, fight,” the first man says. “It’s two of them. It’s only one of her. She ain’t sweating it. She’s like ‘What? What?’” says the other, laying out the odds as the solo woman crosses the street.

The cameraman hops out as things start to get heated.

hooker fight Las Vegas

Source: Bitch Your Famous