Girl Literally Gets the Sh*t Knocked Out of Her!!

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There's boo-boos and then there's just boo-boo.

When we say that someone “knocked the sh*t out of” another person, we tend to mean it figuratively.

“They got rocked,” “they lost their stuffing,” and “they got their bell rung” are all figures of speech to mean they got hit really, really hard. Sometimes, though, you have to sit back and wonder where the phrases we use to describe these situations came from. Has it always been a colorful expression or did it stem from something… a little more real? Do we say that someone got the sh*t knocked out of them because someone in the fighting history books got punched so hard they lost control of their bowels and some bystander decided that that’s a pretty good standard for getting wrecked?

We may never truly know, but we know this: It’s definitely possible. We’ve seen a fight where someone got punched until they boo-booed right in the here and now.

The fight begins, as they so often do, in an empty but conspicuously freshly paved parking lot. There’s going to be business here soon, but right now, it’s all action. The two contestants look unevenly matched from jump, with one wearing a bodycon dress and the other wearing a training bra and athletic shorts.

They get to swinging, and it goes about how you’d expect… The woman who looks like she came from the gym quickly gets the upperhand while the woman in the purple dress gets worked.

(Here we need to take a moment to address the hero who keeps on walking right past the fight without so much as a glance in their direction. He heard the sounds of the throwdown and avoided the siren song. He strapped himself to the mast of the S.S. None of My Business and kept it moving. What a legend.)

poop fight

Source: Bitch Your Famous