Girl’s Braids Ripped From Her Head in Savage Street Fight

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This is about as one-sided a beating as you'll ever see

Can it even be called a fight if one contestant spends the entire time on the ground getting mollywhopped? How much participation from both parties is required before a fight can actually be called a fight? No matter where you set that line, it would be easy to argue that this beatdown doesn’t qualify.

The entire fight seems to consist of one woman getting repeatedly beat around the head while her friends celebrate. The unfortunate receiver of this whupping just takes it for a few minutes while her own friends stand around and watch. Any referee worth his salt would have called this fight, but this poor woman’s friends won’t even break up the fight. Even though one of them came with a baseball bat for, we assume, this exact sort of situation…

braid fight

Source: WorldStarHipHop