Cheating Bombshell Rocks ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ Cast

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Are these girls going after married men?

Kristinia DeBarge is under fire this season, on Growing Up Hip Hop. Troy Turner (troystylez), hair stylist to Sandra “Pepa” Denton, has revealed a shocking allegation about the daughter of James DeBarge. She is pissed and firing back.

Exchanging p—y for tracks, has been a serious issue in the music industry. Male producers are often accused of taking advantage of struggling [female] artists on a regular basis. It seems the ‘casting-couch syndrome’, has struck again. In a recent episode of GUHHA, Troy was helping Pepa get ready for an event. Pep happened to be having a conversation with her niece, Tee Tee, and Kristinia’s name came up. The minute Troy heard her name he unleashed some serious fire on the singer. Now wasn’t that convenient?

“Don’t turn up with Kristinia too much. She gotta little rep, though,” he says. “She was sleeping with her married producer. This guy named Adonis. It was a big thing. No, the worst thing is that you’re skeein’ and people find out your business and you still don’t have a hit. That is the worst thing. No, it was a couple of producers.” We’ll give you a second to take that in.

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