Hip-Hop’s Most Famous Side Chicks

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A look at hip hop's most famous women on the side

The side chick is a cultural institution.

If it wasn’t after years and years of casual nameless flings in hip-hop and R&B, it definitely became one after SZA codified it with her album full of on-the-side anthems from the point of view of the other woman. And you know that whole bit about writing what you know? Well, some rappers and singers know quite a bit about having sometime ladies outside of their committed relationships.

Some of these dalliances have even become famous in their own right. Rocketed by gossip and circumstance, they’ve taken their place in the annals of hip-hop history. It’s these ladies we’d like to celebrate today.

We’ve gathered the 10 most notorious side chicks in the history of the game for your reading pleasure. Take a stroll through. Who knows? Maybe you’ll learn something.

lil kim on stage performing mic diddy

Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images