Hot 97’s DJ Peter Rosenberg Rages at Drake

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This DJ has serious beef with Drake

Everyone knows Peter Rosenberg, the outspoken DJ and co-host of Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning and ESPN’s The Michael Kay Show. The evergreen DJ earned his keep hosting Hot 97’s Summer Jam, until, in 2002, he insulted Nicki Minaj calling her “Starship” not “real hip hop.” Scheduled as the headliner for the show, Minaj understandably pulled out. Rosenberg would not apologize, and Nas and Lauryn Hill had to step up to fill the spot.

Rosenberg is an incendiary figure—he speaks his mind, sometime without a filter; it’s his job as a DJ. But he might just have gone too far this time when he called Drake “LAME” and his content “meaningless.”

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Drake with crew in white

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This beef is cooking