“I Got A Big Fat A$$ And A Brain”: Racist White Lady Gets SHUT DOWN On Train

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Don't go being racist on this dude's commute.

Unfortunately, it seems like racists, bigots and other nefarious types have been emboldened by the current climate in the U.S. and across Europe. But luckily, the overwhelming majority of Americans are still decent people who are ready to tell supremacist scum to crawl back under the rock they came from.

For every supremacist mob, there’s someone like Corey Long holding them back with a makeshift flamethrower. For every loose-lipped old, white lady, there’s another white lady willing to throw hands. For every crazy bigot on a train, there’s somebody like the Canadian hero in this next clip willing to shout her down until she leaves.

The clip in question kicks off on public transit, with the old, white lady yelling at several riders to “go back to the f*cking Philippines.” “Oh, don’t say that,” the woman who she’s yelling at responds before getting a little help from the other side of the train. As the racist older lady lays into the Filipinos to let them know that she’ll say whatever she wants, our ballcapped hero bro tells her where to go.

“Get the f*ck off the train,” he yells. “Why don’t you just f*cking get off?” The man lets her know that nobody else on the train cares where someone comes from and reiterates that she should get off the train. When he accuses her outright of being racist — remember she yelled “Go back to the Philippines” at a group of Filipinos less than 15 seconds ago – the woman denies it.

“I am not racist,” she said. “I asked them to talk a little lower.” “You’re the one who brought race into this,” he countered. “That sounds pretty racist. What if I brought weight into this?”

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