New Crack At It: Is A Second Tupac Biopic On The Way?

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And do we want one?

The Tupac biopic had few fans. John Singleton attempted to create a movie that toed the line between people who hold the rapper up as a lesser saint and people who wanted a more honest portrayal of the rapper’s life. The resulting mishmash satisfied neither side and — while it did decently at the box office — it failed to generate any critical or audience buzz.

This isn’t right for a cultural icon who looms as large as Tupac and fans seem to agree. So it looks like there’s going to a be a new crack at the Shakur story. Pac’s cousin William Lesane says that he has a new series about Tupac’s radical mother Afeni Shakur in the works as well as another look at Tupac’s life for the big screen. The new movie will be called Me Against The World and Lesane is promising both within the next few years.

According to Lesane, the series will be called Riders, though there seems to be some confusion about who the series will focus on. Reports say that the show will follow Afeni Shakur and identify her as Tupac’s aunt, even though Afeni is the rapper’s mother. It’s possible that the series might focus on Assata Shakur, Tupac’s godmother who is still on the FBI Most Wanted list and currently lives in Cuba. Lesane’s description of the story seems to suggest that the show will be a wider portrait of the entire Shakur family, with a focus on Afeni.

“You won’t know anything about Tupac until you learn who Afeni Shakur was,” he said. “Once you learn what Afeni Shakur was to us, to her son and her daughter, then you’ll get a better perspective of who Tupac Shakur is.”

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