“It’s one-on-one!” Waffle House Brawl Gets UGLY After Bald White Guy Uses ‘the N Word’

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Definitely should not have said that.

I know that Waffle Houses theoretically serve food, but it seems like their main purpose is being a roof under which things can pop off. I don’t know what it is about three-standard-deviations-below-IHOP breakfast that makes people start swinging, but facts are facts. If you’re in a Waffle House and it’s <em>not</em> going down, you’re lucky.

That might explain why the cameraman of this latest Waffle House fight was so vocally against jumping in. If he’d been to that Waffle House any time in the last month, he probably found himself in the middle of another scuffle. Maybe he’s recuperating. We just don’t know.

Either way, the cameraman makes it very clear that he “just wants to order some food to go” as a couple of good ol’ boy types square up against a tall dreadhead. After coming and going a few times (“In or out!” I can hear his mother yelling) the bald and tiny dude decides it’s time to kick things off for real.

This is good because the minute or so of the man in the t-shirt you can see from space yelling that he’s down to fight was getting old. Baldy bro barrels into Dreadhead and immediately gets a handful of his signature locks. Now, hair-pulling is typically a no-no and a good way to get DQ’ed but this is a Waffle House, a chain that made its name on the typically unsportsmanlike act of smothering. This isn’t a place for rules.

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