Ja Rule Calls 50 Cent a P**sy and Says 50 Wants Rule’s D**k in His Mouth

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Where did this come from?

Ja Rule has a case of the Twitter fingers.

The rapper blindsided his one-time arch-rival 50 Cent in a series of posts to social media. In the posts, Ja accused Fif of being soft and made fun of the numerous times that the rapper was attacked early in his career.

“Fun hip hop FACT: 50 Cent is a p**sy,” he shared on Twitter.

Ja said that the attack came from 50 talking about him.

“Let’s be clear I mind my business…but for some reason 50 cent keeps my name in his mouth,” he said, before taking another opportunity to go on the offensive.

“I think he’d rather have my d**k in his mouth #b**cha**n**ga #ticklebooty,” he wrote.

Fans asked Ja Rule if he was really sure that he wanted to go down this path again. Enough people on Twitter remember “Back Down” to be skeptical of Ja’s latest move, but he dropped a history lesson on people who think that 50 got away clean.

“50 Cent got beat[…], stabbed and shot. What do you remember?” he asked.

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