Jacquees Gets Roasted Over Tupac Homage!

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He was wrong for this.

Some free advice for rappers and singers alike: Maybe you shouldn’t start talking about Tupac until you’ve had at least three hits. “Come Thru” was great but that doesn’t mean that Jacquees can come for the king. That’s exactly what he did in this new photo recreation of Pac’s iconic bathtub photo shoot though.

For the unfamiliar, Pac famously posed for a photo in a bathtub wearing a makeshift speedo made out of gold chains. Jacquees couldn’t find enough gold chains to cover himself so he put on some Supreme shorts. He also couldn’t find a bathtub to fit his entire body, contorting into some Motel 6 contraption while blowing out some smoke.

jacquees and lil dicky

Credit: Rachel Murray/Stringer/Getty Images