Jermaine Dupri Recalls Biggie Pulling a Gun on Lil Kim At the Studio

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This is shocking

Biggie doesn’t have the most stellar reputation with women. It’s well known that he had an affair with Lil Kim outside of his marriage to Faith Evans. Plus, Kim has gone on record about the various ways that the rap legend was abusive toward her. Even in that context though, Jermaine Dupri’s recent revelation that Big pulled a gun on Kim in the studio is a bit of a shock.

“I think he [Biggie] had fucked Kim’s sister,” Dupri said, as a possible explanation for what caused the bad vibes in the air. “This is in the music, though.” Dupri is referring to the song “Friend Of Mine” from Ready To Die. In the song, he raps, “She’s saying I dissed her ’cause I’m fucking her sister/ a message to the fellas, that really gets them pissed.”

For whatever reason the vibe was bad. Kim was working on her verse for the Usher song “Just Like Me,” and the mood was keeping her from working.

“Biggie pulled the strap on her,” Dupri said. “To get her to do the verse?” N.O.R.E. asked. “No, to let her know he’d kill her,” Dupri replied.

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