Jhene Aiko Gets Big Sean’s Face Tatted on Her Arm!

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With the ever-increasing likelihood of World War 3, the state of California on fire and the Southeastern U.S. locked in a perpetual game of chicken with Mother Nature, folks can be forgiven for being a little numb. There’s very little that can generate a genuine, big reaction from people who have been fed nothing but bad news for what feels like eons. Then, you get an alert about Jhene Aiko…

The singer just got herself a new tattoo, and if you can look at it without screaming or recoiling, you’re much further along on the desensitization scale than us.

It’s Big Sean’s face. Big Sean who she’s been dating for a year (in the most favorable estimates). “Build a house up on that ass, that’s an ass-tate” Big Sean. And she got it tattooed on her arm.

The giant tribute piece to the very much still alive and very much not married to Jhene rapper came just days after the Trip singer’s divorce from Dot Da Genius was finalized. Sure, the urge to celebrate a new chapter with a tattoo is understandable, but did the shop not offer butterflies?

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Source: Instagram @jheneaiko