Jimmy Henchman Found Guilty of Murder-for-Hire in Third Trial

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Maybe this one sticks?

Jimmy Henchman was found guilty of hiring a hitman to kill a friend of 50 Cent for a second time. The result of his third trial — the first ended in a hung jury — found that Henchman hired someone to kill the G-Unit-affiliated Lowell “Lodi Mack” Fletcher.

The story goes that Henchman (born James Rosemond), hired men to kill the man after Fletcher and rapper Tony Yayo were found smacking around his son. The hit went down in 2009, shortly after Fletcher was released from jail for the assault. Jimmy had two men carry out the hit in exchange for drugs (did we mention he was a cocaine dealer?). The men were given two kilos of cocaine and Fletcher was gunned down in the Bronx. It wasn’t long before authorities connected it to Henchman.

The former manager and entertainment mogul was already serving four life sentences in connection with a nationwide drug-running operation that he ran through various recording studios for decades. The so-called Rosemond Organization made him a fair bit of money. Authorities allege that the operation that moved money and narcotics from New York to Los Angeles and vice versa netted Rosemond $11 million dollars per year at its height in the ‘00s.Though Henchman is pretty clearly locked away, that doesn’t mean he hasn’t fought the charges.

His first conviction on the murder-for-hire charges was overturned after his attorneys successfully argued that a judge had limited their questioning in an improper manner during the trial. Though this is the second successful conviction of Henchman on these charges, his team plans to appeal.

The last sentence was life in prison plus 20 years and we can expect something similar on this latest conviction.

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Source: YouTube @Go To Ground News