Joe Budden Addresses Migos Beef on ‘The Therapist’

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Joe opened up on the Viceland show

Joe Budden is known for his fiery opinions. His cantankerous take on daily events and seemingly unwavering animosity toward anything he deems as bull is a big part of the reason people tune in to see him go round and round with his co-hosts on Everyday Struggle. That same attitude can get him in a lot of trouble when he loses control of it.

On a new episode of the Viceland series The Therapist, Budden reveals that he nearly lost his job at Complex over getting angry.

“I turned it up this week. I showed my ass this week. I almost lost my f*cking job this week. I said ‘F*ck everybody.’ I felt once again I was in a space of people that were not on the same level of thought. And I had to resort to a lower tactic to show them,” he said.

“I guess the bad part is I felt vindicated in it,” he added. “I felt better even as everything else was worsening. Again back to that self-centeredness. As long as I’m okay, f*ck the bystanders.”

“My ethics and my morals – yet again. I’m not gonna sit there while three young men give me their a** to kiss,” he told the doctor about the Migos incident. Joe added that he was thinking, “Oh, f-ck these n-ggas… It was a false sense of entitlement from these three gentlemen. While my novice co-host and my moderator will sit through it, I will not. I was behind-the-scenes saying ‘Why are we talking to these people?’”

Migos repeatedly refused to engage with Dj Akademiks questions and leapt to their feet when Budden made disparaging remarks about them while walking away from the interview. Budden said he would not accept that attitude from the young rappers and his frankness led to a near fight that overshadowed everything else and became the story to come out of the awards show.

“I’m blunt. I’m insensitive,” Budden offered. “I’m not filtered. I’m not censored. Things can go left.”

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