Joe Budden Not Returning to ‘Everyday Struggle’

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Uh Oh

The most recent episodes of Complex‘s Everyday Struggle has been missing a little something. Instead of the regular crew — consisting of Nadeska Alexis, DJ Akademiks, and Joe Budden — Joe was being replaced with special guests. Some figured the retired rapper was out on paternity leave, but some figured wrong.

Complex has confirmed that Joe will not be returning as a host of the web series. “Joe Budden is not continuing as a host on Everyday Struggle in 2018,” Complex told Billboard. “We love and respect him; we believe he’s terrific but the reality is we couldn’t reach an agreement.”

Joe, on the other hand, wasn’t as… cordial.

In a series of tweets, he came off a little salty. “I am not on paternity & they should stop using my 3 day old child to mask internal chaos, thx,” Joe tweeted Monday (Dec. 18). On Tuesday, after comedian DeRay Davis tweeted that he hadn’t realized Budden wasn’t on the show anymore, the now-ex-host started up again.

“They didn’t give me a proper goodbye either. INJUSTICE!!!!!!” Joe replied to DeRay. He kept his head held high though, reminding everyone that he’ll land on his feet. “I created that show… I’ll create another if need be… & another & another….. it’s when u CANT create that you move WITHOUT integrity,” he tweeted.

Joe Budden at the VH1 love Hip Hop reunion

Credit: Brian Ach/Getty Images