‘Lean on Me’ and ‘Juice’ Star Jermaine Hopkins Busted for a Ton of Weed

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Huggy did it again

Jermaine Hopkins was arrested with over five pounds of marijuana in his car. The child actor, who appeared in movies Lean On Me and Juice, was busted by police in North Carolina after being pulled over for speeding.

According to authorities in Apex, NC who spoke to TMZ, Hopkins was pulled over for going 77 in a 50 when police discovered 5.7 lbs. of weed in his trunk. He was arrested for felony drug possession with intent to sell, but bonded out afterwards.

This is the second time that Hopkins has been busted around an absurd amount of weed this decade.

Hopkins was arrested in 2011 after trying to buy 200 lbs of weed from a police officer. Hopkins came to a plea deal with prosecutors, pleading guilty to a possession charge while the more serious charge of illegal control of enterprise was dropped. The possession charge came with a 30-day sentence as well as three years probation, but he was staring down five years in prison for the dropped charge. The judge counted the 30 days he’d already spent in jail as time served and Hopkins was a free man.

“I am so glad to put this legal battle behind me so that I can begin moving forward with re-establishing my acting career,” he told TMZ at the time.

Roles have been few and far between for Hopkins. He starred in 10 episodes of The Wayans Brothers and made an appearance on an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Outside of a movie called Zoo that was made in 2012, Hopkins hasn’t had any acting credits in quite a while.

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Credit: Raleigh/Wake City-County Bureau of Identification