K. Michelle and ‘LHHH’ Star Lyrica Anderson Go at Each Other’s Necks on Social Media

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What's this all about?

It doesn’t take K. Michelle long to get back on her bull. Just a short while after kicking her newly body-positive image, the reality TV star and R&B singer is getting into it on Twitter with another Love & Hip-Hop cast member. She went back and forth with Lyrica Anderson over producer A1 Bentley.

Clearly things went left at a recent taping, and nobody is happy about it.

“Please call petty wap. I know he broke a nail. He is mad at me genuinely because I offered a great manicurist who is reasonably available to him. Lil A1 sauce mad cause he don’t got the drip!” Michelle wrote. “So is he running long horn or LA? I always try to help people. Lil A1 saucy b***h.”

Lyrica jumped in and took shots at K. Michelle’s new old body.

“You mad lil bro,” she wrote. “Pick that saggy booty back up h*e! ”

She continued on, saying that K. Michelle was an unhinged fraud who was desperate for attention.

“F**k @kmichelle lil Lyin B***h ! N keep A1 out your tweets ! WE KNOW. You haven’t been taking your meds babyyyyyy,” she said. “This b***h a full “fraud” dnt go for her nice tweets she a whole evil demon n tryna come out here f n wit ppl for no reason #F**kKmichelle. I saved her show that she couldn’t sell her own tickets for. I flew myself out and got my hotel I did her a favor and didn’t want to ! She want everybody to know she filming … pinched nose finally back on tv for the 100th season and tryna bully ppl! Tf She lied to y’all That ass the exact same HUGE and droopy 🙃! She got that NOSE pinched tho looking like a clothes pin holding that B***h!”

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