K. Michelle: “They Have a Helicopter Over This Man’s House, but They Leave a Black Man Laying Dead in the Street for Hours”

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On Tuesday, the internet was in an uproar about Chris Brown. The singer was accused of pointing a gun at a woman’s head at his L.A. home. The uninvited woman—who has now been identified as Baylee Curran—is a former Beauty Pageant queen and says that she was hanging at Brown’s house with friends when a guy brought out jewelry to sell. Admiring the jewelry, she began to touch it. That’s when Brown and his camp allegedly got in her face and called her all types of names. Brown then allegedly pointed a gun at her head, ordering her to “Get the f**k out.” Then, surprisingly, he and his people tried to making her sign a non-disclosure agreement. She refused.

After leaving Brown’s house, not only did Curran call the police, but she also went on TMZ Live to tell her story. This led police to swarm Brown’s house, helicopter included. Reports said that Brown threw a duffle bag outside of his window that contained guns and drugs. Earlier, Curran stated that there were drugs and guns in the house. The internet was pissed, including Brown, who took to Instagram to post videos, saying that he wasn’t leaving his house because he didn’t do anything and he’s sick of people trying to sabotage him in the media. He was eventually arrested for assault with a deadly weapon.

Fans and celebrities also took to social media to take a stand for Chris Brown. K. Michelle was one of the celebs who took a stand on the issue. She didn’t hold her opinions back when addressing Twitter.

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Ray J and 50 Cent among other celebrities showing support for Chris Brown...