Relax Everyone: Kanye West and Jay-Z Are Still Beefed Out

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Jay-Z has been putting in work on his 4:44 tour, trying to give his fans top-notch entertainment. Apparently though, Jigga fans want a little more from him. Within the past few days, rumors that Jay and Kanye West settled their beef at a 4:44 stop have been running around.

If the two powerhouses had finally buried the hatchet, it would have signified the end of a year long feud. In early 2016, West began claiming that Jay’s music streaming service Tidal owed him $3 million for unpaid advances and bonuses after streaming Life of Pablo on the service. Kanye said that his album pushed over one million new subscribers, so he needed to be compensated. The deal must not have been dealt with to Kanye’s liking because he went on to drag Jay’s wife and first born daughter into the argument.

In Jay-Z’s mind, Kanye’s rant was the beginning of the feud. “He knows that he crossed the line,” Jay said afterwards. “I know him. He knows. I know he knows, because we’ve never let this much space go between one of our disagreements, and we’ve had many, because that’s who we are.”

Proving that people truly shouldn’t do business with friends, the two are still not on speaking terms. The blurry video that hit the internet, posing as a Yeezy and Jigga reunion, is nothing more than fake news.

kanye and jay z together at award show

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