Kanye West: ‘Kid Cudi Is My Brother’… Calls Him the Most Influential Artist in the Past Ten Years

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First he was sour, now he's sweet

Kanye is often considered an a**hole. And he was described as exactly that when he claimed that he “birthed” Kid Cudi during a response rant at one of his shows. Last week, Kid Cudi lashed out at both Kanye and Drake on Twitter, calling them fake and corny. Kanye was very disturbed when he got the news while he was on his Saint Pablo tour.

“Kid Cudi, don’t ever mention ‘Ye name! I birthed you!” Kanye screamed. “Respect the God!” After a few days of calming down, Kanye is reeling back what he said in front of thousands of people in his audience.


Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

He showed nothing but love to Cudi during his Houston show